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Saat Lune Yoga Studio is here to assist in alternatives ways to manage health aliments increasing your overall quality of life.

Yoga cannot only restore health, but improve quality of life - mentally, physically and spiritually.


Meditation is another practice which allows the mind to quiet and filter negative thoughts while encouraging the person to remain positive and relaxed.

At Saat Lune Yoga Studio you will learn meditation as tool for avoiding distracting thoughts and promoting a state of calm awareness.

  Reiki is a gentle approach of positive energy exchange to release stress in past and present life experiences. Stress can manifest itself in a multitude of physical and mental aliments. Reiki not only addresses these aliments, but allows the individual to let go of the negative energy that stress creates within.  
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Nicol McColl Martin
550hrs E-RYT , CYT
Meditation Teacher
Reiki Practioner

Over 300 hours of Advanced
Yoga Teacher Training in India
about Nicol

Nicol seeks to help others thrive in life.

Yoga has been a part of Nicol’s life for 15 years. During this time she experienced growth both on and off the mat. Now stronger, more flexible and fearless she set out to share what she has learned, through her practice, with her community in Bright’s Grove.

Nicol is certified in yoga, Reiki and meditation. Combining inspiration from all three techniques provides a unique prespective and methodology to her teaching. Students of all ages will feel comfortable and confident in the Saat Lune environment, allowing Nicol to nurture mind, body and soul through yoga.

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